Are you looking for a unique Healthy Hiking Spa Vacation with an emphasis on Rejuvenation?
Join us on a Fit-Trip as we Travel the Worlds most Scenic Natural Landscapes!
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SpaFari Kenya, Hiking Safari.
An Out Of Africa, Walk-Back-In-Time experience with SpaFari Hiking Safari in Kenya is 11 days with an optional additional 3 nights at the Indian Ocean. Windup your adventure with water-sports and soft ocean breezes, while relaxing in Hemingways, our Luxury Beach Resort.

SpaFari offers a Kenyan Hiking Safari that is a trip of a lifetime! Our African adventure is very “Hemingwayesque”; in fact, Ernest Hemingway originally scouted out this specific destination. Hemingway’s granddaughter, Mariel has worked closely with Kristina Hurrell, the Founder of SpaFari, to design a spectacular and unique trip.

Africa’s raw edge is softened by the cushioned accommodations of luxury tented camps and the finest hotels and jungle lodges. Our structured tents are spacious and insect-proofed with comfortable beds made up daily with fresh linen and the jungle spa-cuisine is delicious. Savour delicious healthy meals and candlelit dinners. Start your mornings with Yoga and meditation under a sweeping Banyan tree. Wind down your day with luscious massage, while listening to the whispers and songs of the African plains!

Highlights of the SpaFari Hiking Safari itinerary include the great Rift Valley where we journey to Lake Naivasha. Upon arrival we take a boat ride to a private island where we walk among the 'gentle' wild animals. While in the Rift Valley, we game drive (seeing the Big Five) and hike the scenic Lake Nakuru National Park which is famous for its hundreds of thousands of flamingo and flocks of pelicans. We spend another day-trip hiking the picturesque Hells Gate and Crater Lake, stopping to visit the home of Joy and George Adamson (Elsa the lion - Born Free movie).

After a charter flight to the remote Maasai land we reach the Loita Hills, an area deep in the tribal “Forest of the Lost Child” and sacred to the Maasai. While in the Maasai Mara, the most spectacular game reserve in Kenya we will be staying at the unique Siana Tented Lodge (includes peaceful gardens, and rock swimming pool). Our hike winds around to an authentic Maasai village, giving us a glimpse of their age-old customs. The local tribesman and women gift us with a show of throwing skills, dance and song; Jewelry and handy crafts are often put on display.

SpaFari has exclusive access to very private areas where we are guided on our breathtaking hikes by proud Maasai tribesmen (in full tribal regalia).

An Optional A La Carte Experience: Early morning Hot Air Balloon Rides over the African Plains is a special delight. Arising early we begin a pre-dawn safari heading off to the direction of our awaiting balloon. Traveling over the bush our jeep headlights catch the glinting eyes of many animals - stalking and feeding in the dark - the red glow of the half filled balloon in the distance points our direction. We ascend in time to see the sun rise over the mountain tops - and float over our glorious landscape - dropping down in the middle of the wilderness to partake in an elegant breakfast . . . champagne optional!

Following the Maasai Mara we head off to stay in another unique and comfortable lodge, at the base of Mt. Kenya, climbing part-way up Mt. Kenya along the Sirimon Route, offering spectacular views of Sendeyo and Tereri of the main peaks.
Note: A complete climb - which take about 4 days - up to the peak of Mt. Kenya at 18,400ft is available (call us for more details).

Returning from our partial Mt Kenya trek we stay in the Sweetwaters Tented Camp and game-drive to visit protected chimps, a pet Rhino (he allows us to pet him) and other rare animals. This very special location has been a favorite with many historical figures and celebrities over the years. A stones throw from the boundary from our tents and Sweetwaters property a nearby watering hole lures many animals for their evening drink. Days unwind with the Yoga, massages and a refreshing swim in the Sweetwaters pool while looking up to many shooting stars.

Moving off, we fly to Samburu to stay in another unique upscale Tented Lodge situated by the permanent waters of the Uaso Nyiro River which support an abundance of wildlife, making Samburu one of Kenya’s finest hiking and game viewing areas. We visit the Samburu villages, watch their tribal dances and have opportunities to purchase handmade memorabilia. Daily breathtaking hikes on mountains and plains; and game drives, to see Elephant, Leopard, Lion, Reticulated Giraffe, Beisa Oryx, Grevy’s Zebra, Gerenuk and Somali Ostrich.

Flying back to Nairobi we have an afternoon at the Nairobi market, massages and a farewell dinner at a popular restaurant, followed by our late evening flights home departure.

Join us for a luscious 4 day Indian Ocean Beach Extension. Windup your adventure with water-sports and soft ocean breezes, while relaxing in Hemingways, our Luxury Beach Resort.

Day 1 Fly to Malindi and transfer to Hemingways Luxury Beach Resort, one of the "Small Luxury Hotels of the World" at Turtle Bay. Activities include snorkeling, diving, boating, and off-shore fishing. With two swimming pools and great food, Hemingways is a wonderful finale to your safari. Luxuriate with hour long massages and long walks on pristine white sandy beaches.

The hotel is directly opposite the northern edge of Watamu National Marine Park, and one can swim or boat out to the inward reef for some fantastic snorkeling. (Swimming out will take about 10 minutes). The diving is also incredible, and all of the beach hotels have diving schools with certified professional instructors where dives are easily arranged. Steve Curtis at Ocean Sports is our favorite.

Offshore fishing is also an option, and several record game fish have been caught in the immediate vicinity. One of Ernest Hemingway's favorite offshore fishing haunts, Watamu ranks among the best sailfish and marlin spots in the world. Hemingways Resort or Ocean Sports are best for arranging these excursions.

In addition to the Marine Park itself, Watamu is within 10 km of two other special natural reserves, Mida Creek and Arabuko-Sokoke Forest and one fascinating site of archeological interest, the Gedi Ruins.

The Mida Creek reserve is formed of extensive mangrove forests, warm shallow waters and large areas of mud flats at low tide. This area hosts not only many local birds, such as Greater Flamingo, Yellow-billed Stork, Great White Egret and Malachite Kingfisher, but is also the winter home of many migrants such as the Crab Plover, Curlew Sandpiper, Whimbrel and Sanderling.

The Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, situated only seven kilometers inland from Watamu, is the largest remaining area (420 sq. km.) of indigenous coastal forest in East Africa. The forest contains six species of globally threatened birds, including the endemic Clarke's Weaver, and the Sokoke Scops-Owl. Rare mammals are also present, including the Golden-rumped Elephant Shrew, the Bushy-tailed Mongoose and Ader's Duiker. Rarely seen but also found in the forest are elephant, buffalo, leopard and hyena.

The forest itself is made up from Cynometra, which forms thick forest and thickets on the red compact soils of the Western area, and the more open, shady trees and bushes of the Brachystegia woodland on the Eastern side. This environment is ideal for guess what butterflies! Over 260 species are found here, and there is a butterfly farm located at the edge of the forest where one can be guided through the process of exporting butterfly pupas.

The Gedi Ruins was one of the ancient Arab towns that dotted the East African Coast. It dates from the late 13th or early 14th Century and was finally abandoned in the early 17th Century. Excavated since 1927, many areas have been revealed, including the Great Mosque, the Palace, several residential houses and pillar tombs. Surrounded by tall shady trees, a walk through the ruins is an exciting leap into the past.

Day 2 & 3 Your time is spent enjoying Hemingways and the beautiful Indian Ocean.

Day 4 Fly to Nairobi. Farewell dinner at the Haandi Restaurant. Transfer to departure flight.

You deserve the very best, and in Kenya we’ll ensure you have it.

If this unique adventure-of-a-lifetime is of interest to you, now is a good time to be looking into flight arrangements.

Call us to arrange your reservations for this once in a lifetime journey, today. We look forward to seeing you in magnificent Kenya soon!

KENYA Hiking SpaFari
January - February - March - November
Choice Accommodations. After an inspiring day of game viewing, hiking or cultural viewing, recount your tales over a gourmet feast and glass of wine or beer. Then, slumber in a range of accommodations that match your chosen adventure - from luxury camps and upscale lodges to rustic tents set deep in the wild.
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